Price: $20.10
Packaging: 6/Pkg

CU-I Safety Utility Knife by Spellbound

CrewSafe Utility Knife - XSCU

With the patented one pull, one cut technology, the innovative X-traSafe CU-I Safety Utility Knife is a revolutionary solution to the safety and risk management needs of companies in a variety of industries. Specifically designed to minimize blade exposure in an effort to reduce the number of careless recordable workplace injuries that can potentially occur in settings where there is a repeated and frequent need for cutting boxes open. Our patented CrewSafe safety guard system lock engages and protects users after each cut to ensure maximum protection against costly workplace laceration accidents.


  • Preferred cutting instrument for numerous companies and industry leaders within the food service, food processing and retail services industries across the nation
  • Disposable - No blade change
  • Virtually eliminates the handling of loose blades and blade changing
  • Specially formulated stainless steel resistant to shattering and corrosion under normal use conditions
  • Transparent auto retracting guard covers the blade to offer maximum protection
  • Easily cuts open boxes and cuts through tape effortlessly
  • Non-fatiguing ergonomic design with a light handle for comfortable use
  • High visibility safety color makes it easy to spot and locate

Product Information

Manufacturer: Spellbound / CrewSafe
Part Number: XSCU-03101