Price: $16.50
Packaging: 6/Pkg

Lizard Safety Knife by Crewsafe Safety Knives

CrewSafe Lizard Safety Knife - LZ-S

Minimize the occurrence of costly and unnecessary workplace injuries at your work sites today with the Lizard safety knife. The CrewSafe Lizard features a revolutionary automatic retracting safety blade guard to eliminate the dangers associated with careless laceration injuries and an ergonomically designed handle to facilitate maximum comfort during frequent use. The fully disposable Lizard Safety Utility Knife is specifically designed with a surgical grade steel blade embedded into the shatter-resistant body so there is never a need to purchase and replace costly and dangerous blades ever again. Eliminate the huge potential for medical and legal costs that your company could incur due to careless accidents resulting from broken and loose razor blades.


  • Automatic retracting safety blade guard that virtually eliminates the dangers associated with careless workplace laceration injuries
  • Specially formulated stainless steel blade resistant to shattering and corrosion under normal use conditions
  • Minimize recordable laceration injuries
  • No blade change safety knife - No blade handling
  • Manufactured with high-impact, shatter-resistant, light-weight polymers
  • High visibility safety color makes it easy to spot and locate

Product Information

Manufacturer: Spellbound / CrewSafe
Part Number: LZ-036-R-S-OR