Price: $22.51 each
Packaging: Sold by the piece

Martor Secumax 122001 Martego Ergonomic Squeeze Lever Safety Knife

Martor Martego 122001 Retractable Safety Cutter

The SECUPRO MARTEGO is an ergonomically designed safety cutter featuring Martor’s “Smart Knife” automatic blade retraction. The user simply squeezes the lever to expose the blade, performs the cut and the blade will retract once contact is lost EVEN IF the user keeps the trigger squeezed. The Martego ensures low-fatigue and high productivity because it’s easy and safe to use at the same time. The Martego is a general purpose cutting tool made of aluminum that uses a double edge blade. Easy, tool free blade change. The number 92 replacement blade has four cutting edges.

Designed for cutting

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic box strapping
  • Cardboard box tape
  • Plastic and paper bags
  • Stretch wrap and shrink wrap
  • Paper and sheet material
  • And more!

Product Information

Manufacturer: Martor
Part Number: 122001

Smart Knife

The spring-loaded blade retracts back automatically... Even if the user continues to hold the squeeze lever.
Secumax Martego Squeeze Trigger Safety Knife Martor Martego Safety Cutter




Number 92
Replacement Blade
Martego Replacement Blades