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Martor Secumax 150 Disposable Safety Knife

Martor Secumax 150 Disposable Safety Cutter

A disposable concealed blade safety cutter designed to cut paperboard, thin corrugate, shrink wrap, strapping, banding and box tape. The Secumax 150 can also perform splices and cut single to multiple layers of film and paper. It features a double cutting blade for economy and an embedded steel scraping head that is not sharp to the touch, but can be used as a safer alternative to standard scrapers. 

This just might be the cutter you have been waiting for. The new SECUMAX 150 masters many challenges at once:
Maximum safety: The injected, concealed blade doesn’t get too close to you or your merchandise. It doesn’t matter if you are working with foils, single or double layer cardboard or other cutting materials.
Maximum versatility: With the SECUMAX 150, you can work more flexibly than ever before. You can use it for cutting, scraping and scoring – with no need to switch the cutter. No worries: The blade side for scraping and scoring is not sharp.
Maximum comfort: The SECUMAX 150 is slip-proof, ergonomically shaped, and very light. In short, an all-in-one tool in every respect.

Product Information

Manufacturer: Martor
Part Number: 150001


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