Price: $9.29 each
Packaging: 10/Box - Sold by the piece

Martor Secumax 350 Safety Cutter with Replaceable Blade Head

Secumax 350 Safety Cutter

The Secumax 350 is a concealed blade safety cutter that features a double sided replaceable head.  The concealed blade helps reduce the risk of laceration and helps prevent product damage while efficiently cutting shrink wrap, strapping, banding, box tape and single layers of corrugate or paperboard.  The ergonomically designed handle has storage for one replacement head and features an easy, tool free blade change.


  • Extra blade head stored on board
  • No tools necessary to change out blade head
  • Fully concealed blade
  • Cut cryovac, food bags, shrink wrap, banding, tape and box flaps
  • Economical

Product Information

Manufacturer: Martor
Part Number: 350001


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