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Martor Secopro 625 retractable squeeze trigger safety knife

Martor Secupro 625001 Retractable Safety Cutter

The Martor SECUPRO 625 is the ultimate SMART safety knife. It's easy and safe to use, very durable and features an inch of blade extension. It's the most versatile safety knife on the market because it works just as well for light materials on up to heavy duty cuts and everything in between!


  • Simple, tool free blade change
  • Extremely durable aluminum body with soft touch rubber grip
  • Ergonomical & comfortable trigger mechanism to engage blade
  • Fully automatic (SMART) retractable blade for safety (Retracts even while trigger is squeezed)
  • Safer alternative to fixed blade utility knives
  • 1" blade depth - ideal for cutting up to 3-ply cardboard, rubber, material on reels and much more

Product Information

Manufacturer: Martor
Part Number: 625001

Smart Knife Technology

Fully automatic blade retraction – a very high degree of safety
The fully automatic blade retraction of the SECUPRO 625 guarantees a very high degree of safety from cut/blade injuries. The blade withdraws into the handle immediately after leaving the material being cut. Even when the lever is still being squeezed.




Number 60099
Replacement Blade
Martor replacement blades 60099