About BoxCutterUSA.com

Boxcutter USA prioritizes safety above all else. We are a veteran owned business located in the Midwestern United States, offering high-grade cutting devices for needs both practical and commercial. Our products range from durable industrial strength blades to light, pragmatic devices, all with a focus on safe application.

Workplace lacerations threaten user safety and draw significant concerns from employers; Boxcutter USA provides low to zero-risk tools, which diminish the likelihood of injury to help maintain model environments. By replacing dangerous, exposed blades with a selection of multipurpose safety cutters, workers can expect fewer knife related liabilities. In a changing workplace, we at Boxcutter USA emphasize the progression of safe, innovative, and elegant tools. Our products range from but are not limited to: concealed-blade cutters, box top cutters, and shrink-wrap cutters. Several of these cutters feature safeguards for the prevention of blade damage to sensitive package contents. Our history consists of decades promoting and distributing safety products on an international scale. Boxcutter USA is at the cutting edge of safety.

Boxcutter USA is a privately held LLC based in Harbor Springs, MI. For further inquiry, reply to: . We appreciate review of and feedback on our supplies and services, as your input is very important to us.