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Aluminum Box Cutter (12 Pack)

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Uses the RB009 single edge replacement blades.

A 12 pack of flat blade box cutters that forever changed the world.
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HC-900 Aluminum Box Cutter (12 pack)

The HC900 Aluminum box cutter is a classic, authentic and hard working economy box cutter. The all metal construction and brushed aluminum finish is sleek, lightweight, rust-free and durable.

These economical cutting tools are sold in packs of 12 - perfect for arming the staff and lasting a single person a lifetime.

The knives are simple to use. Its a tap open / tap close system - hit the bottom to expose the blade and hit it again to cover it up.

These knives are a 70 year old tradition among some of the biggest manufacturing names in the country and are PROUDLY made in the USA.


  • Aluminum finish - Lightweight, durable, rust-free and recyclable aluminum box cutters.
  • Easy to use - Tap open the expose the blade, tap again to close it up.
  • From the good ol' days - This 70 year old success story has become an instant success in all industries.
  • Easy blade change - Changing the blade is simple and requires no special tools
  • Replacement blades - Uses the RB009 and RB012 single edge blades
  • Sold in packs of 12 - Economy box cutter
  • All Metal construction - Proudly made in the USA

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